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All you Need to Know About IV Therapy

The reason many health centers in Dallas use IV to administer certain medication to patients is to reach the patients’ bloodstream quickly. These fluids present in the IV for treatment have to be sterile to avoid issue to do with infections. These fluids come already packaged and can be infused with sterile water to prepare a certain solution. Various fluids can be administered using IV kits and can range from water for dehydrated patients to blood for transfusion purposes. The IV therapy is used when a person’s total fluid volume is significantly decreased. This can be as a result of the following factors.



Blood Reduction

Electrolyte Level Imbalances

Surgery Procedures


Trauma Scenarios

To deal effectively with such scenarios, IV therapy has to be induced to the patients. Some of this IV equipment has a heating device that heats the IV solution so as to maintain the body temperature of the patient. If the IV is administered over a short period, it can cause a dangerous drop in body temperature thereby resulting to hypothermia.

How Does a Fluid Warming System Contribute to Intravenous Administration?

A fluid warming system connects above the entry site to allow for heating before vein access. These devices are a lot more reliable than the original models that were found in various hospitals in Dallas TX. The heating mechanism found in IV kits has a way of regulating the temperature of the heated IV fluid to remain constant. The use of batteries in mobile IV kits for heating these fluids and has enabled it to be used anywhere for treatment. However, there are disposable IV kits which are most preferred by the various hospitals in Dallas TX because they are only used once and done away with reducing the prevalence of bacterial infections in the hospital.

IV therapy in Dallas TX is used for supplying substances directly into the veins using IV fluid warmer bags, a drip chamber, tubing, along with an access device. The drip chamber is used to prevent air from making its way into the bloodstream and also to control the flow rate given to the patients. IV fluids contain the following substances.

Volume Expanders


Saline Solutions

Blood-Based Products

Blood Substitutes

Buffer Solutions

For you to infuse these substances into the bloodstream of a particular patient, you need central IV lines, peripheral cannula, and needles. A standard infusion treatment set utilizes a fluid warmer bag that is pre-filled with IV fluid or bottle in conjunction with an attachment for substance delivery at a set flow rate. For stopping the discharge of IV fluid, the IV kit should have a long sterile tube and clamp in its set up. Most doctors in Dallas TX will tell you that IV therapy is the first response or emergency treatment given to a critically ill patient that has suffered significant loss of body fluids.

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