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Why It Is Great to Have a Lion Tattoo

Most people who want to have a tattoo in their bodies usually choose a lion tattoo. The popularity of lion tattoos is very much seen today. We all love the lion since it is a very powerful and magnificent beast that has a loud roar that can be heard from afar. When you see a lion, you see a creature with courage, strength, price, and beauty. A lion possesses great attributes which you can find in different world cultures.

Lions are also called the king of the beasts. Royalty is signified when a lion’s figure is used. And these attributes of a lion makes people want to have this tattooed on their bodies. Most lion tattoo designs are done in a realistic manner. One can put a calm looking lion tattoo, or a tattoo showing its deadly fangs. Whatever expression of a lion you want for your tattoo, an expert artist is able to capture that on your skin.

It takes your creativity to be able to design the tattoo you want and its size. You can have something as simple as a lion head tattoo, or you can have the whole lion’s body tattooed on your skin. You also choose the size of the tattoo that you want. You can put a small lion tattoo wherever you want or you might want to fill your whole back or front with the lion’s head tattoo. This will all depend on you.

You can also play with colors when you get a tattoo. You can make your lion tattoo as simple or as beautiful as you want it. You can get a single color for your lion tattoo design, or you can also choose a design with many different colors. The color of the body parts of the lion have to be considered if you want a truly colorful lion tattoo.

You can also choose a tribal lion tattoo with all its intricacies and uniqueness. There are also lion tattoos where it is depicted in its natural habitat. It is even possible to tattoo on your body a background of African scenery. Your tattoo will have a colorful background which makes the lion stand out.

The cost of having a lion tattoo will depend on how big and intricate you want it to be. If you want your tattoo to have many colors, be prepared to pay more than what you will if you only choose a single color. You will also have a great cost depending on the complexity of the design. So a roaring lion within its natural habitat would cost more than a simple lion’s head.

If you have a lion tattoo, it would portray an image of strength, bravery, power, and pride. And although they are very dangerous, they are beautiful and magnificent as well.

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