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Dermal Fillers: Effective Restorations of Facial Beauty

The amount of subcutaneous fat on the face declines with aging. There are a lot of factors involved here, leading to the loss of facial volume. With dermal fillers, such outcomes of aging can be eliminated through reducing facial lines and restoring your face to its 100% tissue volume.

What Dermal Fillers Fixes

Dermal fillers can add tissue to lips that are thin. The procedure can make facial creases and wrinkles less prominent. If there are contour deformities, these can benefit from reconstruction. If signs of aging have already caught up with you, you’ll find dermal filling perfect for beautifying your face again. Dermal fillers may also play a complementary role in patients receiving facial rejuvenation via surgery.

Fat Tissue Injections

A patient may choose to have injections of fat cells as a form of dermal fillers therapy. If that’s so, the patient “donates” fat from their own body, which is re-administered through injection to fill up the face, fixing creases and shallow contours. Injection of fats entails much more than the normal tissue fillers. Firstly, the buttocks, belly, or any other appropriate source of fat in the body is selected before liposuction is utilized to harvest it. Upon extraction, this fat is integrated into facial tissue by grafting. The graft has to rebuild a blood supply for the process to succeed. About half of the injected fat will survive, with the surviving tissue lasting a lifetime.

Should You Consider It?

Consult your cosmetic surgeon to help decide if you’re perfect for dermal fillers. There are patients who require a surgical procedure such as facelift or brow lift. However, dermal fillers are great for candidates of good physical health. If you’re a non-smoker, and you have a positive outlook and practical goals as you work for the restoration of great looks, you won’t be disappointed by this procedure. Dedication toward maintaining your skin to ensure optimum wellness is also extremely vital here.

Soft Tissue Augmentation Therapy Results

After completing your dermal fillers soft tissue augmentation procedure, you’ll begin experiencing the results right away. The revamped facial tissue, rebuilt shallow contours, and diminished lines may remain intact for months or years depending your condition as well as type of filler injected. You have a role to play in extending the longevity of the outcomes, including maintaining great general health and taking care of your skin to keep it strong and fit using appropriate skin care treatments.

The recuperation period for dermal fillers depends on each patient and the filler administered. You may be able to resume most of your routine immediately, but generally, you’re advised not to take up heavy physical work within the first 24-48 hours.

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