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Top Tips for refinishing a Bathroom

There are numerous bathtub refinishing companies in the market today and choosing the most suitable for your project can be daunting. The following are some tips to help you choose a professional bathtub refinishing service.

Make sure the bathtub refinishing service you are considering has been licensed and insured. Contact your states licensing board to check the requirements for refinishers and to verify that their license is current. Look for companies that have both a liability and workers compensation insurance to protect you from being held liable if something goes wrong.

Choose a professional refinisher who has been in the business for a number of years and they know what they are doing. For quality work, also ensure that they specialize in the refinishing projects that are similar to yours. An experienced provider will use quality products to apply the Specialized refinishing system in order to give you a beautiful and glossy finish. In order for a refinisher to deliver perfect bathtub refinishing, they should have completed their training in a recognized trade institution. A good company will also encourage its refinishers to continue with their training so that they can be updated with the latest styles.

Before you hire the services of a bathtub refinishing company, make certain that they are highly recognized in the industry for their services. You can determine this by reading reviews from their former clients to help you make a good decision. Besides, a company that provides quality work will have a portfolio in their website where you get to see samples of their work before you make your decision. You want a refinisher who will provide you with a list of references to see what past clients have to say. Then, check their ratings with BBB and see if they have any unresolved complaints so that you can decide if they are right for you.

Before you hire a refinishing company, you need to inquire what materials and procedures they are going to use and ensure that they are the best for the job. For instance you want a top coating that will dry within 24 hours especially if you have no other tub.

Beware of companies that do not provide you with a warranty or those that offer unreasonable period for their warranty. This will guarantee that they have used good quality products and services thus the coating will not peel anytime soon.

Price is another important consideration when you are choosing your refinisher. Even if you are working with a budget, it is advisable not to go with the cheapest jobs as you are unlikely to get quality refinishing results. Be vigilant of companies that are not transparent about their pricing for their services to avoid being scammed.